How To Astral Project? ≫ Top Steps to Quickly Reach 2021

Are you interested in learning how to astral project? Learning how to astral project can change your life forever. If you are new to hypnosis or have been doing it for a while but have never mastered it, then you will be pleasantly surprised. This is a powerful art that can help you achieve some of your greatest desires, even if you don’t know how to do it yet.

How to Astral Project Safely?

The first step to learning how to astral project safely is to get as relaxed as possible. Once you feel comfortable in your relaxed state, then the fun begins! Breathe deeply, letting go of any tension in your muscles. Imagine each small part of your own body releasing negative energy from within. Try not to think too much about how to astral project right now, just concentrate on being totally in the present moment.

How-to-astral-project How To Astral Project? ≫ Top Steps to Quickly Reach 2021 How

The second step on your how to astral project journey is to let go of all your worries and fears. You want to shift your focus to your inner soul or higher self, as being in this state allows you to communicate with these spiritual beings. When you are in this state you are able to communicate with your soul, which in return will give you answers to all your questions. When you are dreaming you are communicating with your soul. So now you understand how to astral project while you are sleeping.

The third step on your how to astral projection journey is to slip out of your physical body. Remember, astral traveling is a state of consciousness. You have to learn how to bypass your physical limitations and be free of them. Once you have slipped out of your physical body, you are now on the outside looking in. Your soul or higher self will be guiding you through the astral projection process, telling you how to astral project.

The fourth step is to reach toward the moon. If this sounds strange to you, it is because your physical body is blocking your way. Your conscious mind is telling your subconscious mind that you must reach toward the moon to complete your astral projection. Once your subconscious mind agrees, you can slip out of your physical body and into your astral body. This part takes longer than the previous two steps, but it is still important to remain relaxed during this time.

The last step on your how to astral project journey is to slip back into your physical body. Keep repeating this step until you are finally able to slip back into your soul’s consciousness. Keep repeating this step until your soul begins to sense your presence. When this happens, you will be ready for your second hypnosis session to complete your astral projection process.

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