How to Get to Argus Wow? Argus Shadowlands 2021

In this article, I will discuss how to get to Argus from World of Warcraft and about the new zones and areas in the WotLK expansion.

How to Get to Argus Shadowlands?

When you start playing WotLK, you will find that you cannot get to Argus due to a glitch in the WotLK expansion. At the beginning of the expansion, Outland, most if not all of the quests are blocked at the beginning of the expansion. If you speak to any Alliance character at the beginning of the expansion, they will tell you that you cannot get there.

This can be fixed by talking to any Horde character in the game, and you can also ask your character for help. There is also an option in your WoW user account settings that allows you to enter the Argus basin area directly.

The problem is that when players want to get to Argus, they cannot find it on the map. The best way to travel there is by using the Valiance Expedition quest. Once you complete this quest, you can travel to the zone of Aurenim and get into the middle part of the city where the auction house, the Auction Hall, is located. This is the best spot for getting a good spot for a good mount or ship, and it gives players an overview of the action in the area.

How-to-Get-to-Argus-Wow-Argus-Shadowlands How to Get to Argus Wow? Argus Shadowlands 2021 How

Now that you are inside Aurenim, you will be able to travel to Highbridge in the Valley of Healing. From here, you can take on the quests associated with this area. The quests here do not offer a lot, but the player has to kill many mobs and go through some really tough battles. These are the same quests that players finish in Northrend, but in the case of Argus, you have to do them twice as fast to do them right.

Be Careful

You have to be careful with the ads that spawn in the Mist. They have a very high damage attack that can easily kill a player in just a few seconds. It is wise to take the time to learn what the odds are and where they are located. If you know their locations, you will be able to take them down faster and kill them faster. The Mist is an area that players will have to get past to get to the other side of the continent.

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