How to Skateboard? ≫ Get Started With Basic Techniques

So you want to learn how to skateboard? You probably think skateboarding is just for kids or teenagers. In fact, in some countries, skateboarding is regarded as a sport of choice for the youth. Learning how to skateboard can improve your self-image as well as make you popular with the younger generation. Here’s how to skateboard:

How to Skateboard Beginners

Buying your first skateboard is the first thing you should do if you’re planning to learn how to skateboard. There are basically three kinds of skateboards, beginner deck, intermediate/pro, and advanced skateboarding deck. Each type of skateboarding has its own specific characteristics that you should look out for when buying one.

How-to-skateboard How to Skateboard? ≫ Get Started With Basic Techniques How

Beginner deck shoes have high heels and relatively thin soles, so they aren’t comfortable for most skateboarders. They are usually either strapless or come with a strap. The strap may come loose, which may be an invitation to get tangled up with a jump. The other drawback is they don’t offer the comfort of a traditional skate shoe. To compensate for this, many beginners buy a big supportive skate shoe with lots of padding.

How to Ride a Skateboard

Once you feel ready to start skateboarding, the best thing to do is learning how to ride a skateboard with a few different stances to see what works for you. A common stance for most beginners is to stand with the legs extended and feet together. This gives the illusion of a narrower stance, which gives more stability and control. As you practice more, you’ll find that switching your stance can make for a more comfortable skateboarding experience.

One important lesson for skate enthusiasts of all ages is to master the basics and advanced tricks before attempting the more difficult tricks. Trying to complete advanced tricks on a novice level can cause serious injury. If you want to try harder tricks like a grind, drop-in, and jump-ups, start by doing them on sidewalks or in a public park. You can also try them standing on one foot. For more tricks beyond your level of ability, it is best to focus on the basics first and then work on more difficult tricks.

Next, remember to protect your body from injuries. Skateboard wheels don’t just wear down after repeated use. They are made out of a special material called skate grip. Skate grip protects the wheels against scratches, scrapes, and bumps you might incur while skateboarding, walking, running, or jumping. Skate guards or shoes with built-in skate grip prevent nasty injuries when you fall.

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