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If you are new to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, you will definitely want to know the secret fish and where to find them. There is a ton of information available online, but if you are just starting out, you will want to start with this guide. You will learn where to find the secret fish as well as how to fish them.

One of the things I really like about this guide is that it gives very detailed directions. When you find the secret fish, you do not have to waste time moving around the area to look for it. You already know where it is because this guide tells you where to find it. Failing that, there is also a quest available to get it.

Secret Fish and Where to Find Them Locations

The Coastal Dwellers

These three fish can be found near Danielle. Also, it’s possible they can be caught anywhere on the coast of the island.

  1. Solarsprocket Barbel
  2. Energized Lightning Cod
  3. Bolted Steelhead

The Area Specific

Each of these fish can only be caught within a specific area of the island. Here are locations, X and Y coordinates for each.

  1. Mechanical Blowfish – 25, 77
  2. Bottom Feeding Stinkfish – 79, 49
  3. Shadowy Cave Eel – 59, 24
  4. Tasty Steelfin – 47, 37
  5. Sludge-fouled Carp – 65, 51
  6. Pond Hopping Springfish – 65, 32
  7. Spitting Clownfish – 83, 72

In part one of this WoW secret fish and where to find them, you learned about the underwater “pet” spots. There are certain points in the game where underwater creatures (including fish) spawn. When you get near one of these spots, a small fish will come out of the water to greet you. You can feed it some food, take it back to the spawning pool to breed with other fish, or use the handy catch ability to immediately throw it back into the water.

Where to Find the Elusive Moonfish

This second part of the guide explains where to find the elusive moonfish. The elusive moonfish is a rare fish found only in the Zangarmarsh continent of the World of Warcraft. You may not want to hunt it because it is quite difficult to locate and kill. It drops the rare Deadeye Wahoo.

secret-fish-and-where-to-find-them Secret Fish and Where to Find Them? > Locations 2021 Where

So what kind of rewards can you get from hunting these rare creatures? Well, the secret to getting your hands on the rare Deadeye Wahoo is by using the secret fish goggles. These special “goggles” allow you to see the eyes of the elusive moonfish and make it easier for you to locate them. Other than that, the secret fish and where to find them guide provide an excellent outline of the area where you can find them.

If you have trouble finding the secret fish and where to find them in the game, don’t worry too much about it. I was having the same issue, so I did some research online to help me find these elusive creatures. All I had to do was buy a membership to a fishing portal site. Once I got the membership, I didn’t anymore have to search the whole World of Warcraft map to look for these creatures. The secret to fish and where to find them guide will also benefit you in this aspect as well.

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