Where Did God Come From? ≫ A Christian Perspective 2021

A common question among Christians is, “Where did God come from?” Many have asked that question throughout their lives, but most do not know the answer. They do not know because there is no evidence to support any of the claims made by atheists and agnostics. It has been shown that many religious scholars throughout the centuries have incorrectly claimed where did God come from Bible verse. This article will outline three popular claims which have been proven entirely wrong.

Where Did God Come From?

Many claims that atheists are not even intelligent enough to argue about where did God come from. They point out that atheists cannot argue the point due to their lack of an argument in the first place. They further claim that the absence of discussion is proof that it doesn’t exist. The truth is that these claims are entirely false. No one can argue against deities’ existence without knowing where did God come from Bible verse. Theists often point out that atheists have a tough time proving God’s existence, which is true.

One of the arguments used by Christians to prove that God exists is the argument from cosmology. They claim that the universe is fixed and nothing else can exist. Theists state that the only answer to this question is the existence of a supreme being. Problem with this argument is that it has already been proven that the universe is not fixed but is chaotic and random. There is absolutely nothing that will ever happen in the universe that is beyond a supreme being.

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The Second Argument About God Come From?

The second argument used by Christians to prove the existence of God in the Bible. They say that the Bible provides direct evidence that the Bible is the written Word of God. There are thousands of verses that speak about God’s presence, but how does the Bible get so right? The answer to that question is that the Bible was written by someone other than God.

There are two possible explanations for this. You must realize that there are numerous places throughout the Bible where God’s presence is mentioned that someone other than God could easily be written. If you believe that the author of the Bible wrote each particular word from scratch, then you would have to go out on a limb and assume that he didn’t write the Bible with divine intervention. Another explanation for where the Bible came from is that it contains information revealed to God’s authors.

Theists believe that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. These are attributes that the Bible says God possesses. They also believe that God is the creator and the maker of the universe, including the life we see. Where did God come from? It can be answered with either an eternal or an everlasting God.

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