Where Do Squirrels Sleep At Night in The Winter?

If you have ever wondered, “Where do squirrels sleep? “, you are not alone. Every year we get hundreds of phone inquiries from people like you about their squirrels and their behavior, and what they think about their co-existing pets with tree branches. Well, it’s a good question and we have some great answers to it. First of all, squirrels are nighttime animals and they sleep wherever is available to them.

Where Do Squirrels Sleep?

So, Where do squirrels sleep at night in the winter? That means tree branches, tables, garage floors, eaves, decks, and even fences. And they sleep right through the winter too. What do you think causes this peculiar type of behavior?

Well, there are a number of theories, and one that has been gaining some followers over the last 20 years or so. It all goes back to how squirrels use trees to hide and protect themselves and their young, and why they are nocturnal, or very particular about times of the day they tend to sleep.

One rather large mystery about squirrels has been the source of many “mystery stories” over the years. Why do red squirrels sleep in tree branches? Well, it turns out that red squirrels have a hormone that regulates their metabolism, much like a human’s rapid heartbeat. When the hormone is absent, the squirrels find it very hard to regulate their body temperature and can quickly become very cold.

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Do Squirrels Hibernate?

In order to stay warm, squirrels must conserve energy. To do this, they take naps in tree branches. It’s sort of like hibernation but in reverse. What this means is that in the wintertime when you see your squirrel’s taking a long nap, you should look closer to the tree to see if there are any leaves on the branch that are blocking the window of his napping area.

If you can see a nest of either a red, orange or yellow feather, then your squirrel isn’t napping at all. These are the colors of the feathers that are used as camouflage when foraging for food or shelter. Of course, they can always wake up to eat or move around, but you don’t want to see them just sleeping. You may also see them scratching their faces along tree branches, but this is no reason to believe they are actually grooming themselves – it’s just something that they do to keep themselves from getting sick.

Now that we know why they sleep where do squirrels sleep? In most cases, if your backyard is fairly large, you probably have plenty of space. If it’s small, you’ll need to be even more diligent in finding their hiding spots. Some people have actually found squirrels underneath tree bark or in cracks in the ground, so there are many different hiding places for these animals.

Just remember to look for squirrels in areas where food and water are readily available, such as backyards with trees and bushes. If you watch them carefully enough, you should be able to spot them any time.

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