Where Is Longmire Filmed? Filming Locations

So, you want to know where is Longmire filmed? For the past three seasons, Longmire has been shot in and around New Mexico, California. Longmire episodes are filmed elsewhere, but they are produced and directed at Longmire’s Longmire House, which is on a set near Studio City.

Longmire Series Episodes

Longmire’s family owns and operates this house, as well as the Longmire company. The company is also producing the Longmire TV show, so there are many places where the Longmire series is filmed. The Longmire house was built back in 1979 for director Robert Rodriguez.

So, if Longmire isn’t where it is filmed, how did the series get its beginning? When he moved to California, Longmire decided to take advantage of the fact that no African Americans were operating any camera companies in the area, so he bought a used soundboard and lens to shoot his movies.

Later, he would use this same board and other equipment pieces to create the Longmire TV show. The Longmire crew did not have a van or trailer to use when they shot their pilot episode, and so they drove around in Longmire’s old Ford pickup truck (which he had painted black).

Longmire then leased a vehicle for filming, but he soon discovered that the lease wasn’t long enough. So he began renting cars for the Longmire series as well. They only used a van occasionally, but they have since been filming on location in the USA (and even in New Zealand). So the series is filmed in different locations almost every week.

Where Is Longmire Filmed?

If you want to know where is Longmire filmed? The answer is simple: in New Mexico. Longmire actually lives in Southern California, so it is not a real surprise that the films there. The city is actually located right next to the San Gabriel Valley so that you can see the mountains and valleys from your house. Longmire and his Longmire family also own a home in Encinitas. You can easily find out what location shots the Longmire family uses by looking at their home walls.

Where-Is-Longmire-Filmed Where Is Longmire Filmed? Filming Locations Where

Although Longmire resides in Southern California, he has never done films or documentaries filmed entirely in New Mexico. Although Longmire’s films have been shown all over the country, the majority of them were made in California. Many Longmire fans live in New Mexico, so it is not a surprise that some of the Longmire memorabilia were made in the city. The Longmire estate also has a lot of Longmire-related buildings, including a house that John Lee used!

Longmire’s official website does not really have any information about where is Longmire filmed. Although there is a lot of information on the official Longmire site, they still do not reveal where the series is filmed. Fans will have to go on the fun side with a little research. Who knows, they might even learn about the exact location that the Longmire series crew uses!

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