Where Is the Most Popular Spot in The World to Take a Selfie?

One of the most asked questions by Parisians is “where is the most popular spot in the world to take a selfie?” The answer varies from tourist to tourist, but for obvious reasons, it is Paris.

Where Is the Most Popular Spot in The World to Take a Selfie?

The French capital is one of the most photographed places in the world and has been that way since the digital revolution took hold. As such, it is not hard to see why Parisian photos are some of the most recognizable on the internet. The Eiffel Tower, the City Tower, and Louvre are all iconic images of Paris that people have come to know and love.

The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic may not be the first country that comes to mind when one thinks about where is the most popular spot in the world to take a selfie, but that does not mean they are any less worthy of the designation. The picturesque nature of the Czech Republic lends itself perfectly to self-portraits, and their prevalence has increased exponentially since they were first introduced four years ago.

Prague Cathedral

There are endless possibilities when it comes to taking these selfies. The famous Prague Cathedral, for instance, can be reached by simply walking a few blocks and snapping a picture; you could also take a picture of the famed St. Vitus Cathedral, or any of the other iconic landmarks in the Czech Republic that you want to include in your album of stunning selfies.

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Great Wall of China

Perhaps the most commonly recognized location in the world where is the most popular place in the world to take a selfie is the Great Wall of China. It is easy to understand why. Not only is it difficult to reach but it is also impossible to get a good view of this massive construction due to the height and thickness of the clouds above. The only way to get a good shot of the Wall is to hire a guide from tour operators who are familiar with the ins and outs of the Wall and have a permit to enter it.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Perhaps the second most popular spot in the world to take selfies is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With all of the exciting and awesome nightclubs, hotels, and beaches, capturing each one of them in a still-life style via a photo has become a popular trend among young Brazilians. The best selfies in Brazil tend to be when the subjects are lying down and not posing; so rather than searching for the perfect light to get the image just right, it might be more effective to use a normal flash to create an interesting effect. One of the most famous is a group of teenage girls at the beach performing acrobatic moves. Their best selfies feature them holding onto each other’s hands as they do these maneuvers.


One popular spot Brazilians use to find is the Manarola. A small town on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Manarola is not much different from any other Brazilian neighborhood. In fact, it even has its own airport and a water park in its midst. For those taking a self-shot of the Manarola from a high location, there are plenty of interesting buildings and structures to view from such a vantage point. If a person isn’t brave enough to post a selfie up in the Manarola, they can just as easily head up to the roof of a nearby building and take a shot from there.

Where Is the Most Popular Spot in The World to Take a Selfie – Other popular places

Other popular places in the world to take selfies include ones taken by children. They love to put themselves in places that look like fun but still meaningful to them. Some of the best ones include ones of children holding hands or ones where they’re in a playful mood. Another trend that’s growing in popularity is one where people put themselves in locations where they believe the object of their selfie will likely be.

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