Where Was Twilight Filmed? ≫ Filming Locations Review 2021

Have you always wondered where was Twilight filmed? You may be one of those who have wanted to know about the location where Twilight movie was filmed. Well, if that sounds like something you’re interested in, then you’ve come to the right spot! People who are fans of this particular franchise usually have been curious about where Twilight was filmed, or at least where the main scenes were filmed. Well, whether or not you’re a fan of the series, you’ll want to know where the Eclipse scenes were filmed!

Where Twilight Was Filmed?

The first place that many fans would probably think about is Oregon. While there were some significant issues with Twilight’s particular location, they used this location for the whole movie! Of course, most people don’t realize that the Oregon location was only used for the brief moment when Edward and Bella are in the library. Bella and Edward’s car, traveling down the famous Oregon highway, is the only time this scene is shown.

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Twilight Movie Filming Location

After Bella and Edward make their way to Washington, they stop at a small town called Fork over Place. This small town wasn’t used for Twilight, but it was a perfect location for the movie. For many of the movie shots, studios would use small towns. Because they would save money by not having a lot of extras during shooting.

One of the other filming locations used for Twilight was Washington state park, or it was considered part of Washington state park. There were a couple of places where filming was done in Washington state park, including the Silver Falls State Park. Silver Falls State Park was another location that had a lot of traffic and a lot of filming. The Washington state park was often seen as the “Dixie,” that famous shot of the rainbow that Bella and Edward share.

For the biggest surprise, the producers used an old IBM jet for the chase scene where Edward and Bella flew to Montana. For a lot of the scenes in the movie, the planes were rented from airfare companies. The location was shot in Las Vegas, but the airplane did not have windows for the actors to the lookout. So they had to hang around in the wings, looking out the windows. They were able to make it look genuine.

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